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As a school principal who has been involved in a school expansion development project over three years, I cannot speak more highly of my experience with the Alpha team. From the starting point of developing a concept, the Alpha team has been very supportive, flexible and practical in their approach. The architect drafted practical plans that were very pleasing aesthetically. 


Throughout the construction phase, the Alpha team kept me in the loop and regularly touched base with the appointed contractor. Regular meetings occurred between Alpha, the construction manager and myself. Site inspections were performed throughout the construction phase. Alpha consulted with the construction company in a professional manner where necessary to ensure quality outcomes, never compromising the quality of the construction. Alpha ensured that the construction company met stage completion dates and it was such a joy to take possession of the buildings at the agreed time, allowing continuity in the running of educational programs. Thank you to the Alpha team!

We have partnered with Alpha Architects on many projects to achieve buildings that are functional with flair all within budget. I particularly like the openness of the team to respond to the client’s input with design solution options that indicate they listened and identified the heart of the project while remaining practical.

Allan Weir - Head of College, Groves Christian College
Jannie Basson - Principal, Seaview Christian College
 (former Principal of Endeavour Christian College)


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